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Part of Speech of bachelors


Etymology of bachelors

of. bacheler young man, f. bachelier (cf. pr. bacalar, sp. bachiller, pg. bacharel, it. baccalare), ll. baccalarius the tenant of a kind of farm called baccalaria, a soldier not old or rich enough to lead his retainers into battle with a banner, a person of an inferior academical degree aspiring to a doctorate. in the latter sense, it was afterward changed to baccalaureus. see baccalaureate, n.pos

Meaning of bachelors

as noun, noun

  • a man of any age who has not been married.
  • an unmarried woman.
  • a person who has taken the first or lowest degree in the liberal arts, or in some branch of science, at a college or university; as, a bachelor of arts.
  • a knight who had no standard of his own, but fought under the standard of another in the field; often, a young knight.
  • in the companies of london tradesmen, one not yet admitted to wear the livery; a junior member.
  • a kind of bass, an edible fresh-water fish (pomoxys annularis) of the southern united states.
  • No antonyms for bachelors

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