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Part of Speech of feeds

transitive verb, imperfect, past participle, present participle, verbal noun, intransitive verb, noun

Etymology of feeds

as. f, fr. f food; akin to os. f, ofries. f, f, d. voeden, ohg. fuottan, icel. f, sw. f, dan. f. food

Meaning of feeds

as transitive verb, imperfect, past participle, present participle, verbal noun

  • to give food to; to supply with nourishment; to satisfy the physical huger of.
  • to satisfy; gratify or minister to, as any sense, talent, taste, or desire.
  • to fill the wants of; to supply with that which is used or wasted; as, springs feed ponds; the hopper feeds the mill; to feed a furnace with coal.
  • to nourish, in a general sense; to foster, strengthen, develop, and guard.
  • to graze; to cause to be cropped by feeding, as herbage by cattle; as, if grain is too forward in autumn, feed it with sheep.
  • to give for food, especially to animals; to furnish for consumption; as, to feed out turnips to the cows; to feed water to a steam boiler.
  • to supply (the material to be operated upon) to a machine; as, to feed paper to a printing press.;to produce progressive operation upon or with (as in wood and metal working machines, so that the work moves to the cutting tool, or the tool to the work).

as intransitive verb

  • to take food; to eat.
  • to subject by eating; to satisfy the appetite; to feed one's self (upon something); to prey; -- with on or upon.
  • to be nourished, strengthened, or satisfied, as if by food.
  • to place cattle to feed; to pasture; to graze.

as noun

  • that which is eaten; esp., food for beasts; fodder; pasture; hay; grain, ground or whole; as, the best feed for sheep.
  • a grazing or pasture ground.
  • an allowance of provender given to a horse, cow, etc.; a meal; as, a feed of corn or oats.
  • a meal, or the act of eating.
  • the water supplied to steam boilers.
  • the motion, or act, of carrying forward the stuff to be operated upon, as cloth to the needle in a sewing machine; or of producing progressive operation upon any material or object in a machine, as, in a turning lathe, by moving the cutting tool along or in the work.;the supply of material to a machine, as water to a steam boiler, coal to a furnace, or grain to a run of stones.;the mechanism by which the action of feeding is produced; a feed motion.

as noun

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