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Part of Speech of hosts

noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb

Etymology of hosts

ll. hostia sacrifice, victim, from hostire to strike oe. host, ost, of. host, ost, fr. l. hostis enemy, ll., army. see guest, and cf. host a landlord oe. host, ost, of. hoste, oste, f. h, from l. hospes a stranger who is treated as a guest, he who treats another as his guest, a hostl prob. fr. hostis stranger, enemy (akin to e. guest a visitor) + potis able; akin to skr. pati master, lord. see host an army, possible, and cf. hospitable, hotel

Meaning of hosts

as noun

  • the consecrated wafer, believed to be the body of christ, which in the mass is offered as a sacrifice; also, the bread before consecration.

as noun

  • an army; a number of men gathered for war.
  • any great number or multitude; a throng.

as noun

  • one who receives or entertains another, whether gratuitously or for compensation; one from whom another receives food, lodging, or entertainment; a landlord.
  • any animal or plant affording lodgment or subsistence to a parasitic or commensal organism. thus a tree is a host of an air plant growing upon it.

as transitive verb

  • to give entertainment to.

as intransitive verb

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