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Avoid the repetition of the word very

avoid the repetition of very, examples avoid the repetition of very, examples

Repeat many times the word "very" in a speech impoverishes its quality. That's why we suggest you to use the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms to find alternatives to the use of "very". Here we give you the most used adjectives and their alternatives:


 very Good = Supeb

very beautiful = Exquisite

very Pretty = Beautiful

very Loved = Adored

very Big = Immense

very Fast = Quick

very Happy = Jubilant

very Clever = Brilliant

very Large = Colossal

very Lively = Vivacious

very Quiet = Silent

very Roomy = Spacious

very Strong = Unyielding

very Valuable = Precious

very Wise = Sagacious


very Bad = Atrocious

very Cold = Freezing

very Dirty = Squalid

very Hot = Scalding

very Hungry = Ravenous

very Old = Ancient

very Poor = Destitute

very Rude = Vulgar

very Serious = Solemn

very Small = Tiny

very Stupid = Idiotic

very Tired = Exhausted

very weak = Feeble

very Wicked = Villainous