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(TWL06 dictionary 178.691 words) Scrabble® official dictionary for USA, Canada, Thailand
(SOWPOD dictionary 267.751 words) Scrabble® official dictionary for UK
(CSW15 dictionary 161.293 words) Scrabble® official dictionary for Delhi and India

Enter in the text box the letters to form Scrabble® words.

FindMeWords finds all the Scrabble® words that can be generated with the letters of the text box and returns a list ordered by word length. You can use the asterisk symbol * as a wildcard, replacing any letter. Optionally you can also enter the letters that want to start and finish the words. You can use this tool to verify any play Scrabble® , or if you prefer to cheat because it is the best way to find the word with the highest score.

22Scrabble® punctuation at the right of each word

FindmeWords uses the three official Scarbble dictionaries in English, the SOWPOD dictionary that is the Scrabble® official dictionary for UK, The TWL06 that is the Scrabble® official dictionary for USA, Canada and Thailand and the CSW15 that is the Scrabble® official dictionary for Delhi and India.

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